Day 17 of my hair journey

30 September 2012

DAY 17 (9/30/12)
I guess I should start calling this my no heat challenge. That's what it really is. The only difference for the past 17 days is I have actually whore my hair! No weave, no braids and no heat. Just my natural curls. I didnt do anything to my hair today. Just woke up and took my silk bonnet off.

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Free Credit Reports

Most people do not worry about viewing their credit reports. You should view it at least once a year. I view mines twice a year. This is for accuracy. Sometimes there could be things on your credit that shouldn't be there. There is always room for error.

You can go to fleet and family services to get some help to obtain a credit report. I have made the process simple by listing some websites that i go to that do no require you to have a credit card. They are free credit reports, no payment needed.

The Federal Trade Commission states that "Annual Credit is the ONLY authorized source for the free annual credit report that's yours by law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act guarantees you access to your credit report for free from each of the three nationwide credit reporting companies — Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion — every 12 months."

I have used a variety of sites and have had good outcomes. My credit report and credit score was pretty accurate. I wont say that the credit score was 100% correct because every website is slightly different. Even when you go directly to the credit bureaus you will get a different score from all three credit bureaus.

Here are the websites that I have used and I recommend each website.

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Hair Journey Day 16

DAY 16 (9/29/12)
My hair is still curly and the curls are defined. I pulled my hair so that you can see the actual length of it. I have a lot of shrinkage.

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Holidays and Duty Days

29 September 2012

For the next few months my husbands duty schedule will be the same. Today i decided that i would mark his duty days on the calendar in advance till the end of December. This lets me know if he will have to work on Thanksgiving, the day after thanksgiving and Christmas and the day after Christmas.

Good news is, the only day that he has to work is the day after Christmas. This is nice to know. Last year he only had Thanksgiving off.  Being married to a person in the military means that sometimes you will not get the opportunity to spend the holidays or important days with your spouse.

I'm not sure when he will take leave so I'm glad to know that if he decides to take leave in January 2013 then we will definitely get a chance to still spend the holidays together. I'm a happy wife :-)

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My Hair Journey Day 15

DAY 15 (9/28/12)

It's rained a little this morning. I was only out for a minute so i got rained on but it didn't even effect my hair. My hair still looks good. I'm proud of my Eco Styler Gel for protecting my hair style.

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Websites Recommended by Navywif33

Today I have added some updates to At the top of the Webpage you will see new pages that i have added or updated.

I'm an online shopper. I find nice stuff online for good prices. I will often add links that I recommend. I hope your able to find them helpful. If you have any sites that you would like to recommend to me, please feel free to contact me so that I can check them out also.
Happy Shopping!!

Hair Journey Day 14

DAY 14 (9/27/12)
Today marks my two weeks as a natural hair girl. When i say natural i mean, I haven't used any extra products besides my cowash products and gel. I also have not used any combs, brushes or hair ties. My hair has been curly and free.
I did a cowash today with As I Am Coconut Cowash. It made my hair feel really smooth and was easy to detangle. I used some Eco Styler Gel on my hair. I let it dry for about 6 hours. I think it took even longer to completely dry in the middle towards the back of my head.
Here are the pictures from today!

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I purchased a shirt today that says "I LOVE MY HAIR" with a picture of an African American woman wearing a curly afro. I think it's so cute. I can't wait for it to come in the mail. It wasn't too cheap either. It was $25 plus tax and shipping was $5.15.
Since I'm a chemical free lady i would like to show off my pride and it's worth $25 for me. There's a huge selection of different shirts and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Click on this LINK to purchase a shirt from

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Hair Journey Day 3- Day 13

28 September 2012

I haven't used chemicals on my hair in almost two years. I have had natural hair but i was using a lot of heat. I would wash and then blow my hair. Then press it straight with a straightening comb. Then i would flat iron it. Or i would just get a weave or some individual braids. This is my first time going all natural since i was a child. It has been a long time since I have seen my natural curls. I almost forgot that i had curly hair!

I don't plan to do the big chop. I still have some perm on my ends in the front. I will get my ends cut every month until the perm is completely gone from my hair. I know that it's perm because the ends are completely straight.

I want to feel free by not having to use brushes, combes or hair ties. Just let my hair breathe. I want to learn how to manage my natural curls. I'm glad that I can document this journey and hopefully it will help some other ladies that are on a natural journey.

DAY3: (9/16/12)

Today i added a little bit of water to my hair and it still stayed kind of hard to the touch. The hair has it same shape since day 1. I do like that. The overall look hasn't changed at all. I just dont like it being hard. I want it to feel soft.
Pictures after i added some water to it

I decided to co-wash my hair today. I did not apply a lot of gel to it. It dried pretty fast since i did not put a lot of gel or conditioner in it. It's more bushy now. My curls aren't defined. It's also still kind of hard. I think it turned out horrible this time around. I look a mess by the head. This is just my personal opinion.

I will have to try again tomorrow. I will spend most of my day traveling. So im not sure if i will wash my hair in the morning or after i get home tomorrow evening. hmmm
Pictures after the hair dried with little conditioner and a small amount of gel

DAY 4 (9/17/12)

Today i co-washed my hair around 5pm. Then i added some gel to it. i did this because i did not do a good job of this last night. I only added a little bit of conditioner and gel last night and i did not like the ending results. So today i added more of the two products and i thought that my hair looked better. My curls weren't as defined as they were on day one when i used a lot of the two products. My curls were hard. I want them to be soft and fluffy but not puffy. Not sure what i will do tomorrow. Probably continue to wear my wash and go and then twist my hair at night. I should be leaving San Diego tomorrow and heading back to Bremerton. I will try to upload a YouTube video of my hair regimen.
Here are the pictures from today!

DAY 6 (9/19/12)

I was traveling all day yesterday so i was unable to post an update about Day 5. My hair did good yesterday. I had no problems with it. It was still kind of hard. Im starting to think maybe the gel is keeping it hard but I use the gel that's recommended, which is Eco Styler.

I've created a video for Day 6 on my youtube channel.

DAY 7 (9/20/12)

It has officially been a week since i have started my wash and go. I have no used any combs or brushes in my hair. I only use my fingers to do all the work for me.

Last night i put my hair into a pineapple at the top of my head and then put my bonnet on top. I woke up this morning and it looked excellent. I was very pleased. It felt softer then it did yesterday.
Here are the pictures from today!

DAY 8 (9/21/12)

My hair stayed the same today as it was yesterday. Im actually happy about that. There was no changes at all. I covered it with a bonnet when i went to sleep and when i woke up it was in great shape still. I will probably do a new wash and go tomorrow morning when i wake up.

DAY 9 (9/22/12)

I did a co-wash and then a wash n go today. After my hair dried it was actually kind of soft today. It was still damp and i went go kart racing so Im not sure if that had something to do with it. I was driving at fast speeds with my hair blowing in the wind. This is the first time that I have been able to get it softer. The pictures that i took today are after i did the wash and go and before the hair had a chance to dry.
Here are the pictures from today!

DAY 10 (9/23/12)
I didn't take any pictures of my hair today. It did really well over night. It's soft and it's not hard at all. It's Sunday so I pretty much stayed home with my Husband all day. I will take pictures tomorrow.

DAY 11 (9/24/12)
Today I used a spray bottle to spray water on my hair. Just a little bit of water. I just wanted to loosen my curls up some. I posted a video update on Youtube

Here are the pictures from today!

DAY 12 (9/25/12)
Tonight I decided to do a twist out. I twisted my hair while it was dry. I sprayed a small bit of water on it just so it could loosen up a little bit. Then at the ends i added some Eco Styler Gel to seal the twist. My hair is so soft and light weight. I can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow. I upload a new youtube video of me twisting my hair tonight.

DAY 13 (9/26/12)
Last night i slept with a silk bonnet on my head. I woke up this morning and took my twist down. I sprayed a little bit of motions leave in conditioner in it and a little bit of water. Im not going to add any oil to it. I will do that tomorrow when i freshen my hair up.
Here are the pictures from today!

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Military Discounts

I have provided a list of stores that I know of that offer discounts to military members and dependents.

Aeropostale 10%
Beauty Supply Warehouse 5%
Old Navy 10%
Grocery Outlet $5 off a $30 purchase
Foot Locker 20%
Champs 20%
Zales 10%
T-Mobile 20% off monthly bill
Sprint 15% off monthly bill
Verizon 15% off monthly bill
AT&T 15% off monthly bill
Spencers 10%
Cinnabon 15%
Kay Jewelers 15%
Hot Topic 10% off
Macys 10% (get coupon at jewelry counter. if they do not allow military discount they do offer an out of state discount so show your id and they will also honor the 10% discount)

If you know any other stores that offer military discounts please let me know so that i can post!

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As I Am Coconut Cowash

27 September 2012

Today I did my cowash with a new product. It's As I am Coconut Cowash. I purchased it from Sallys Beauty Supply. It cost about $8. I also got a Sallys Rewards Card, regular price for the rewards card is $5 but you get a $5 coupon off your next purchase. I obtained the card for free because that's their military discount. You use the card each time you make a purchase and you always get the discounted rate.

 The Coconut Cowash smells really good! Has my hair feeling soft and not crunchy and hard. It was kind of creamy so i didn't really need to use a lot of it. I can tell that my hair is really clean. The Coconut Cowash makes detangling your hair fairly easy. Normally it takes me a few minutes to detangle and i have to split the hair in sections. Today i was able to just run my fingers through my hair a few times and it was detangled. It didn't even take me a whole minute. I definitely plan to use this for my cowashes from now on. I recommend my other natural hair ladies to try this cowash because you will love it and I also hope you enjoyed this product review!

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New Videos on My YouTube Channel

26 September 2012

I posted some new videos on my Youtube Channel. Just click NAVYWIF33
I have been updating My Hair Journey daily. If you would like to see what im doing be sure to click on the tab about that's titled Hair Journey.
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Follow My Blog!!

I finally figured out how to add the follow my blog widget to my page. So now all of the people that subscribe through email can also follow my blog through Google Friend Connect.
It's on the right side of my page One is follow my blog and the next one is subscribe by email.
Thanks for visiting my page!!!


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100 Calorie Snacks

24 September 2012

Im a big snacker. I like sweet things. I found that these 100 calorie snacks from Nabisco and Keebler. They actually taste good and satisfy my sweet tooth. You wouldn't think that the serving size would only be 100 calories. I've been snacking on these so that i can cut back on my calorie intake. Instead of buying a candy bar or a bag of chips i can eat a pack of my 100 calorie snacks. I would suggest all the people that love snacks to go and purchase a box or two of these. They are fairly inexpensive. I normally get mines from the Commissary or Walmart.

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Go Karts in Point Defiance

23 September 2012

Today my hubs was off duty around 8am. Whenever he's off work we try to find something fun to do together. We ended up going near Tacoma to Karts and Cages go karts in Point Defiance.
It's $7 per ride. If you spend more then $10 they will give you a free token for the batting cages. That's the military special. They do not offer any military discounts, just a special. We went on the go karts a few times. It was really fun. I'm use to a bigger area to ride go karts and faster cars, but that was still worth the $7. My husband hit the batting cages a few times. They have four different cages. They are slow/easy, medium, fast and real fast. My husband hasn't swung a bat in years and of course he goes into the "fast" cage. lol. He warmed up after one session and did a awesome job hitting all of the balls after that. We enjoyed ourselves today. I would definitely go back again. Here's the link for their website.
Karts and Cages

We finished our day with some shopping at the Tacoma Mall and dinner at Red Lobster. I had to take advantage of that all you can eat shrimp. I made sure to take a nice bag of left overs home also. lol

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Imani's Hair Regimen

21 September 2012

Hello My name is Vickie and I'm a guest blogger on

My two year old Imani looks forward to getting her hair washed and combed. She gets a wash every two weeks. The products used to wash her hair are Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and Humecto Creme Conditioner, which I sometimes use to deep condition her hair as well. Both are Sulfate-Free products. I comb through her hair with a wide tooth comb and never apply any heat. She has very healthy hair and I highly recommend these products to wash your child's hair. Just 4 Me Conditioning Hair Dress is applied while braiding the hair. It keeps the hair moisturized.

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Samsung Galaxy S III

I finally upgraded my MyTouch 4G. I now am the proud owner of a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 3. So far I like the phone. It's the closet that I can get to an Iphone. I like the fact that I can do screen shots plus I still have the forward facing camera. This phone came with 16GB of internal memory. I had to use a new sim card. It's called a micro sim. That was not a problem for me because all of my information is saved through Google. So i just logged into my Google account and all of my information came up.
The micro sim is not working in my Husbands favor. He had a HD7, which was a Windows phone so his information was not saved through Google. It was saved thru Windows Live. Now he has to plug all of his information into his new phone. He also is not allowed to take a phone with a camera onto his ship due to security reasons. He use to take his sim card out and put it into a little flip phone that he purchased because it has no camera. So im not sure what he will do now. He probably will not be able to have a phone during the day because the mini sim will not fit into his flip phone.

I paid $150 per phone but there was a $150 mail in rebate for each phone also. The taxes totaled about $50 per phone. I guess you can say we paid $50 per phone. That's a great deal for this $600 phone. The only downside was that i had to commit to another two year contract. I do not like extending my contract because when I want to get a new phone I normally have to pay full price or wait till my contract is up. The upgrade policy never works in my favor either. It only allows about $200 off the full price of a phone. Most of the new phones are at least $450!

For all of you that are ready for a new phone I think you should go out and purchase the Galaxy S III while there's still a mail in rebate!

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My YouTube Channel

19 September 2012

I was finally able to upload a new video on YouTube today. I have been busy traveling back and forth to California that i have not been creating any new videos. I should be posting one new video a day. I started a new YouTube channel about two weeks ago.
This page is dedicated to this webpage.
My old YouTube channel is
I mainly post my personal videos off my phone on there. Just my friends and family and myself having fun and enjoying life!

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Southwest Airlines

17 September 2012

I always, I mean always fly with Southwest Airlines. Last month i had accumulated so many rapid rewards points that i was able to take a one way flight for free. I can say that i have taken about 18 one way flights this year alone. I fly back and forth from Washington to California every month. Always a one way ticket because I never know when I'm going to return.

If you originally purchase a non-refundable ticket and then decide to cancel your flight you can use the funds towards another flight. The funds are good for one year and then they expire. This works good for me because I'm always making changes to my itinerary. Today i woke up and decided that i wasn't ready to go home. My husband has duty tonight which means I will not see him till tomorrow anyway so I might as well enjoy another sunny day in San Diego.

Southwest offers a Military discount. Call the customer service number 800-435-9792. After you book your ticket over the phone you will have to show your Military ID to customer service at the airport when you get your boarding pass.

I highly recommend Southwest Airlines if you are flying to any location that they provide service to! Here's their website address

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Hot Day in San Diego

It was not as hot as it was yesterday. Im very thankful for that. It was 98 Degrees maybe more in some areas. We have no a/c so it was miserable for us. It seems unbearable to live without a/c in 90 degree weather but we didnt have a choice.

I decided to go to the nail shop to get a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed. I went with my sister Mossy, our friend Toeniya and Imani, which is my friend Victoria's 2 year old daughter. Of course she had to get her toes done also. lol. That's a diva in training.

I got a chance to spend time with the rest of my family today also. We always have a ton of laughter when the family is together.

I will post a few videos of little Imani enjoying her day.

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No shopping for me today...

I wasn't able to go to the mall today because im frugal and i didnt have my DOD ID Card. I missplaced it before i left Washington. I get military discounts when i show my card. The discounts make a big difference in the price sometimes depending on how much im spending. The discounts range from 5%-25% off of my purchase. I will provide a list of stores that i know of that offer the discount.

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Day Two of My Hair Journey

16 September 2012

Today i woke up and my hair looked pretty much the same as it did yesterday. It's still kind of hard but it's also super curly still. My shrinkage is the same. Since my hair is not soft im wondering if it's because maybe i used to much gel. Im not sure yet. I will have to wait and see how things are tomorrow.

I did not put anything on my hair today. I just ran my fingers thru it to try and fluff it up some. I have thin hair and you can tell that my hair is not thick. I will spray a little bit of water on my hair tomorrow and see what it looks like after that dries. I will also co-wash my hair again tomorrow, then add less gel then i used yesterday and see what it looks like.

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