100 Calorie Snacks

24 September 2012

Im a big snacker. I like sweet things. I found that these 100 calorie snacks from Nabisco and Keebler. They actually taste good and satisfy my sweet tooth. You wouldn't think that the serving size would only be 100 calories. I've been snacking on these so that i can cut back on my calorie intake. Instead of buying a candy bar or a bag of chips i can eat a pack of my 100 calorie snacks. I would suggest all the people that love snacks to go and purchase a box or two of these. They are fairly inexpensive. I normally get mines from the Commissary or Walmart.

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  1. Hi Leisure, I hope this message finds you and finds you well in your Journey. I'm Chelle, and I'm crafting for the winter as well as dieting, well eating right. I have some time to blog during my down time at home but that is rare. any way, I have a blogspot, check me out if when you can, most of its about hair though :) and thank you for posting the tutorial :)

  2. Hello Chelle,

    Thank you for visiting my page. I'm always updating about something that I've tried or somewhere i have been recently. Make sure to subscribe thru email please! Im going to visit your page now!