Bucket List

30 October 2012

Yes, It's about that time. I'm finally creating a bucket list. I think my bucket list will be a 30 before 30. Which is all the things that i want to do before I'm 30. I haven't put any of this in any sort of order yet. Just things that I know I want to do or goals that I want to accomplish. So, here it goes:
  • Find out what I have a passion for
  • Have an actual wedding ceremony (we eloped two and a half years ago
  • Go on a real honey moon
  • Run a 5K
  • Run a Marathon
  • Go Camping
  • Buy a House
  • Pay our car off
  • Pay credit card off
  • Bungee jump
  • Zip line
  • Zorbing
  • Learn to Salsa Dance
  • go rock climbing
  • take a trip outside of the country (Canada counts. lol)
  • take a cruise
  • go on an all girls vacation trip with my besties (pushing for November 2012)
I plan to add to this list as more ideas come to mind...

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Tuesday Blog Hop I joined

29 October 2012

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Military Duty Station - San Diego

28 October 2012

We were stationed in San Diego and loved it. Not sure if it's because it's my home town or not. I'm husband is from Alabama and he loves San Diego also. It's more city life. I love the city life. It's home to a few different bases. There's Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force all in one major city.

The cost of living is high so the BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) is higher. E4 with dependants is $1959.  If you are able to find off base housing then you can pocket some of your BAH. There's a lot of good apartments and houses for rent but of course they are on the expensive side. It all depends on what you are willing to spend and where you want to live. AHRN.com has some good housing referrals for military.

The beach is within 15 minutes of most places unless you live further east or further north. Even if you live North of Central San Diego, you are probably close to the Oceanside Beach. The Southern part of San Diego is Close to Imperial Beach. The rest of San Diego is near Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. I'm sure there's a beach that I probably left out by accident, but you get my drift, it's a beach city!

The weather is pretty nice year around. Today it was 84 degrees and this is the middle of Fall Season. I know this because I spoke with my sister today and she was bragging about how warm it was. LOL. You can look weather reports up on Weather.com. I use this site often just to see what the weather is like. I think it makes me miss home more also.

If your up for orders and want to experience life as a Southern California resident then I would suggest you look at Sunny San Diego! There are parts of Southern California that I would not recommend, such as 29 Palms. It's in the middle of the dessert and you do not feel like your in So. Cal at all.

I will have some guest Bloggers to post about other locations soon. If you would like to post about your Duty section and how you feel about it, then please comment below with your email address. I would love for you to share your experience and thoughts so that others can get a feel for that particular location.

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Volunteer Work

27 October 2012

Today was my first official day volunteering at the Homeless Shelter. It's a small shelter, not to far from my house. I enjoy giving to those that are in need. This particular shelter is ran by nothing but volunteers. NO one gets paid. My first day went good. I was able to learn how things work around there. There's only women and kids there. It's more like a home then like a facility. Which is a good thing for the ladies that are in transition. Feeling as if you are in a facility will just make things even harder on the ladies that are trying to find way's to provide housing for themselves.

If you have free time and want to help others out, then you should find a place to volunteer at. I googled shelters and found a few in my area. You can pick other non profit organizations that are in need of some help also. It feels good to be able to help those in need!

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Finally...It's FRIDAY!

26 October 2012

Today is the end of the week. I have had a busy week so far.

Last night me and my husband decided to go to the Emerald Queen Casino. I'm not a gambler so I usually only play with about $40. I was on the penny machines. Well I won a few bucks last night. Actually left there with $157! So of course i was all dramatic and was screaming like I won a million bucks!

I plan to take a yoga class at Naval Hospital Bremerton later today. I have been participating in a lot of their TLC courses. They are becoming a great fit for me. It's helping me out on my journey to becoming healthy. I want to loose weight but not temporary. I want to eat healthy and change my lifestyle up so that I can make this a permanent change.

My husband has Duty tomorrow morning and he wont be back home till Sunday. So far we have no plans but of course that might change soon!

I hope that all my friends and followers enjoy your FRIDAY!!

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Domesticated Diva? Who me??

25 October 2012

Ive been making some changes for the better. This morning I woke up at 4am and cooked breakfast for my husband. I normally never get a chance to see him In the morning. I sleep straight through the alarm. lol.

He normally comes home starving because he didnt feel like walking all the way to the barge to get some lunch. So i figured i would start cooking more so we can eat out less. It feels good to sit down and have dinner together. When he gets home I have a meal hot and ready. We only eat out about once a week now. We actually plan this weekly date in advance. On the weekends I cook breakfast. Hes happy that breakfast is going to become an everyday thing now.

Im literally turning into a Domesticated Diva lol

Heres an update on my natural hair styles. I wore my hair like this today. These are front and back pictures  Enjoy!

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Wednesday Blog Hops

23 October 2012

I posted some new videos on YouTube. Go visit MY CHANNEL
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Its Hump Day!

Wow Wow Wednesday with This Girls Life

Lifestyle Changes

I'm trying to make some lifestyle changes so i decided to take a Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) Class today at Naval Hospital Bremerton. The course was about healthy living and finding out what motivates us to make changes.

I've been trying to cut back on my portion sizes. I don't always eat twice in one setting. Maybe that's because my portion sizes are on the large side. I need to be more conscious when I'm eating.

I try to make sure that I'm eating at least two servings of fruit and vegetables per day. I'm not big on fruits and vegetables but I've been sticking to it for the last few weeks.

I live a sedentary lifestyle so it's time to increase my activity. I try to walk more. Even if it's just walking through the mall window shopping. It's hard to do that because I always end up buying something. lol

It's never to late to make lifestyle changes. It's just easier when your younger. Now that I'm sort of set in my ways it's more of a challenge for me. As long as i stay motivated i can stay on the right path.

Also, I posted some new videos on YouTube

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Review on The Hunger Games

Lets start off by saying "I've never read any of the books".
Of course, I'm always late when it comes to stuff! So I'm just now seeing the Hunger Games and im mad about it. I wish i would of seen it sooner. This movie tackles issues regarding poverty, survival, starvation, oppression, and the effects of war. Im normally not interested in these type of movies but I had been wanting to see it just so I could see what all the hype was about.

So, here's the plot:
The 13th district was destroyed and as punishment for this past rebellion against the Capitol, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected by an annual lottery to participate in the Hunger Games, an event in which the participants have to fight to the death in an outdoor arena controlled by the Capitol, until only one individual remains

Now, it's time to talk about the good and the bad. I will try to make this as quick as possible.

The Good:
The love that Peeta had for Katniss. I could tell from the begining of the movie that he had a crush on her. I felt bad that they would have to battle against one another
My favorite part of the movie is when Peeta teamed up with the "others" to kill Katniss. I knew that he would never want to hurt her and he was doing what he had to, to survive. He was just leading the "others" to believe that he was on their side. I think Katniss was a great pick, even though winning this lottery was not a good thing. She had great survival skills and could shoot a bow and arrow really good. This was their weapon of choice. This and knives.

The Bad:
Two children are picked at random to fight each other till the death of one of them? Im not a fan of that. Just watching this scene in the movie made me sad, Katniss younger sister Pimrose was picked but Katniss volunteered to take her place. At that moment their mother knew that one of her children was to be sacrificed and that there was a good chance that she would lose a daughter.

I would recommend you go out and watch this video. I rented it from Redbox.

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My Weekend

22 October 2012

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend. My weekend was pretty great! I got to spend time with my husband and get some shopping done on Saturday. I dont know which experience I enjoyed more. lol. I really love to go shopping. I was in need of some winter clothes. The weather has dropped drastically. Right now it's 34 degrees and it's 10:28pm. It's freezing cold so I have the heat on hell! Just trying to stay warm. The cold weather makes for some great cuddle time. It's hard to come across cuddle time because I have to fight with his girlfriend (XBOX360). When it's cold I can def get cuddle time. lol.

Today we went to a bar with our friend to watch the Raiders game. The Raiders won. Of course i wasn't cheering for them. Im a San Diego Chargers fan. #TeamChargers
It was good to go out and enjoy ourselves with friends. Only bad thing was, two hours turned into 7 hours. We were suppose to watch the raiders game then we ended up watching the San Francisco Giants Baseball game.

I uploaded a few new videos on my YouTube Channel. Make sure to check them out!

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Hair Journey Day 36

20 October 2012

DAY 36 (10/19/12) Today I did a wash and go. I used As I Am Coconut Cowash. Tresemme Naturals Conditioner. Garnier Fructis Leave in Conditioner and some Eco Styler Gel. I let my hair air dry for a few hours. I didn't want to put any heat on it plus I don't have one of those blow dryers where you can sit under it for an hour. I was thinking to get one but I didn't want any extra heat applied to my hair on a regular basis.

I haven't done a wash and go all week. So it was about that time. Plus I didn't feel like wearing any rollers so I will have to put that roller set that i wanted to do on hold for a while.

The top picture looks like my hair is thin in the middle but it's not. I just pulled a little bit of hair forward so that the hair can dry that way. After it dried it looked like i had bangs. Then i used a bobby pin to pull them to the side. The bottom picture is kind of dark and the lightening wasn't good. I took these pictures while sitting in bed. Of course this is what i get for being lazy! It doesn't look cute in the pictures probably. It was def cute in person! lol

Make sure to go to My Channel on YouTube so that you can see my hair video hair updates!

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Google Adsense

19 October 2012

I signed up with Google Adsense as soon as I created my YouTube Channel. Adsense enables you to get paid to show ads on your website. When people watch your video's there's an ad before the video, maybe on the screen while the video is showing and evening at the top of the screen on the page.

When these ads are clicked on by your viewers you receive a fee from Adsense. It all depends on what the viewer clicks on and if they were to purchase a product or something. There's no way to really tell what they did. If you have a lot of viewers to your page you could start getting paid by views and clicks. If you have high traffic to your page then that means a lot of people will possibly view your ads.

I recommend anybody with a blogger account or a YouTube account to sign up for Adsense. It's a great way to make money off of blogging. I love it! Blogging is a full time job for me!

If anybody uses something other then Google Adsense then please comment below and let me know. I hear there are a few other companies that offer affiliate advertising.

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My Hair Journey Update

18 October 2012

Today Im on day 35 of my hair journey. I have been posting updates on YouTube
Check NavyWif33 out on youtube. Just click on my links within this post. Here's a few pictures and a few videos also!
Day 34 Roller Set
 Day 33 after my ends were trimmed.
Day 33 before my ends were trimmed.

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Time to set some goals

Today is Thursday and the weekend is almost here. I have been wanting to sit down and write my goals down. This makes it easier for me to stick to them and achieve them all.
So here's my list:

  • Keep track of our spending for two weeks & Create a monthly budget and stick to it
I want to keep track of our spending so I can know where our money is going. I'm thinking the easiest way to do this is to keep all receipts and pay for everything using our bank card. So I can have easy access to it via my online bank account. keeping the receipts is backup. Just in case I want to see what exactly I bought at a particular store. This will help me come up with a budget to create for the following month. This will let me know where I need to make cutbacks at.
  • Finish the last couple of classes needed to complete my associates degree
I have a handful of classes left before I can receive my associates degree. I put them off every semester. I always end up taking one class instead of taking a full load of four. There's no reason as to why I keep putting it off. I guess Ive just been acting really lazy lately.
  • Create a space in my huge bedroom where I can use it exclusively for recording my YouTube videos.
I'm thinking to just pick a corner where i can put the computer desk and have the computer just sitting there at all times. I'm going to purchase three wall mirrors to put in the corner so i can be able to better film my hair videos. I also want to have two lamps in that area also so I can have a lot of light. I dislike the light that I'm currently using. I have been filming in my bathroom and it's not that bright in there.

These are my goals for now. If i think of anything else i guess I can add to this later.

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COLA is Cost of Living Allowance. You normally get this when you are overseas. There's also a few locations that are CONUS, but you receive COLA. This allowance is designed to offset the higher cost of living. You receive this when your duty station is above the US average in non-housing costs.

The amount is different for people with dependants and without dependants. COLA is based off the zip code of your duty station. Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City are just a few locations that will qualify you for COLA.

Defense Travel Management Office has a list of locations that qualify for COLA CONUS.

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17 October 2012

Button Swap
If you would like to swap buttons with me you can grab my button, please comment below with a link to your blog. I will add your button to my page. The button size is 100x100

If you are interested in advertising on my blog then please click HERE to send me an email. 

VibenOnFilm Movie and TV Clips

VibenOnFilm is a  blog that has updates on movies, music videos and spoilers for TV shows. If you are into reality shows like I am then you will love this blog because it's full of all the best updates!

My current shows that im keeping up with right now are Revenge and Scandal. Not sure if you have heard of them before. So here's a clip with some information on Scandal.


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I don't want to pay for the same price for a two bedroom that the next person with a 4 bedroom is paying. I just don't think that it's really fair. Just because they have more dependants means they get more bedrooms, which results in a bigger house, yet you want me to pay the same price as them?

I never understood why people decide to live on base when they can get something better out in town for the same price. I am not willing to give up my whole BAH so that i can live in housing. On the Bangor Base they have some apartment style housing, so that's seriously a waste of money.

When I lived in military housing in San Diego I can definitely say it was well worth the money. We had a one bedroom apartment for $850 per month, utilities included and it came with central air and washer and dryer hook ups. Our BAH was $1920. We were able to pocket a lot of money. The military housing was through Lincoln Military Housing. It was not on base housing. It was off base but still military housing.

I’ve lived in regular civilian housing the whole time that we have been in Washington. Our apartment is under our bah. We are able to pay our rent, car note, utilities and all other bills with our BAH alone.

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16 October 2012

Saw a linky on the blog Mommy Only Has 2 Hands and it was for Instagram pics.
My Life Via Instagram
Im always taking pictures of things and of course sharing them with my friends on Instagram. There's always a new hash tag that I come up with. I will use any words and make it a hash tag. lol. If you would like to see my daily picture updates then follow me on  Instagram. My user name is NavyWif33

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Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN.COM) is sponsored by DOD and Military Housing Offices. You can register for a free account and then choose the installation in which you are looking for housing at.

Once you are logged into AHRN you will be able to search for community housing (off-base rentals), on-base/privatized housing, temporary lodging, military member shared rentals or military for sale by owner listings. You can also list a rental, shared rental, or For Sale by Owner property.

You can find out if the property that you are interested in has been inspected and approved by the housing office. This is the easist way to find housing at your duty station, it allows you to start the home finding process as soon as you receive orders. I found my current housing using this website!

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Monday Blog Hop

15 October 2012

These are the blog hops that I joined today. Join us!

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Kingston Corn Maze

We went to the Sunrise Hills Farms in Kingston, WA about two weekeds ago. I didnt get a chance to blog about it but i did post some videos on youtube. This was our first time at a pumpkin patch since we have been adults. Since we have no children we normally dont do outings like this. I just wanted to experience the horse drawn wagon ride and the corn maze.

It was actually pretty cool. The corn maze was free for active duty members and it was half price for dependants. For $10 you can pick your own fresh flowers. That was pretty cool. I tried to get as many flowers as I could fit in my bucket. lol.

We did not purchase a pumpkin but i saw some of the largest pumpkins out there. A few were green and i even saw some white ones. My husband was convinced that the green ones were big watermelons. lol

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I just entered a cool giveaway!

I just entered a giveway on A Happy Wife In New Orleans blog. This is my first time participating in something like this. Hopefully i win prize pack 1. It comes with a ton of awesome things! Everybody should enter! The more the merrier!

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Cream Cheese Frosting

I made some cupcakes after dinner tonight and decided to try this recipe for the cream cheese frosting. It came out good too!

Here's the ingredients:
8oz package of cream cheese
Confectioner's Sugar (to taste)
1 tsp of Vanilla
1/4 cup of butter

Make sure cream cheese is room temperature and not cold and hard. Blend the cream cheese with butter and vanilla until smooth. Add some sugar until you think it's sweet enough for you.

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14 October 2012

When we moved from CA to WA we had issues with our orders. My husband wasn't told that we were suppose to move our household to Washington before he checked into his new duty station which was in San Diego. So he checked in at the end of September and later found out that he would only get paid for moving if it was BEFORE he checked in. Therefore we had to pay our of our own pockets to relocate to Washington in December.

I wish we had someone to brief us on the whole "PCSING PROCESS". I want to help others to make sure they do not make small mistakes that will cost them big time.

Here's 4 things that might help you to avoid making some big mistakes:
  1. Keep all your paperwork. Go and buy a little folder or a huge Manila envelope to keep all your papers in. If you are doing a DITY move then you will need to keep all your receipts also.
  2. You need to understand the claim filing procedure. Keep an inventory of your valuables.
  3. Verify your orders. Make sure you are authorized to ship your items to the location that your shipping them to and make sure it's done by the date specified in your orders
  4. Verify weight allowance. Anything over your maximum will be charged to you.
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Rainy Day Schedule

So the weather has been ugly all day today. We have been on the rainy day schedule in my house. We have literally been in bed all day. Just want to stay warm and stay in doors.

I use to complain when it would be hot for a few days at a time. Then i use to it just being "warm" everyday. Now we are back to this rainy Washington weather and I'm back to complaining again.

Me and my husband were suppose to go to the movies tonight but we are not up for it because it's cold and stuff. It sucks that we stayed home all day today because this is the first time in a few weeks that he hasn't had duty on a weekend day.

When ever it's not nice outside I'm always in a blah mood.  I guess it's because I'm a San Diego girl so I'm so spoiled and I'm use to all those non stop nice days! I even here that the weather is acting up out there too. One things for sure, San Diego will NOT have ugly weather for long!

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My Hair Journey Day 30

DAY 30 (10/13/12)I did not get a chance to post a youtube video with an update for today. Instead i just took some pictures. This is a twist out thats about 5 days old. Im going to cowash my hair tonight and flat iron it in the morning. This will be the first time i have had heat in my hair in over a month!

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My Hair Journey Day 29

13 October 2012

DAY 29 (10/12/12)
Today I did an update on youtube. Im still wearing my twist out from a few days ago.

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If you are always taking pictures like me, then you should sign up for a Shutterfly account. They will send you coupon codes via email for a variety of free things. I have received codes for free photobooks, photo prints, photo magnets and photo cards. A variety of things. All you are responsible for is the shipping cost which always just a few dollars.

You can also upload your photos to Shutterfly just for safe keeping. I currently keep all my cell phone photos on automatic upload to my Photobucket account but i like to use ShutterFly as a back up.

Today i received a code for 50% off a photobook. The promo code is BOOKIT. Offer ends October 18, 2012.

So if anyone is interested in creating a photobook here's the perfect opportunity for you to do it at a low cost through Shutterfly.

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