Domesticated Diva? Who me??

25 October 2012

Ive been making some changes for the better. This morning I woke up at 4am and cooked breakfast for my husband. I normally never get a chance to see him In the morning. I sleep straight through the alarm. lol.

He normally comes home starving because he didnt feel like walking all the way to the barge to get some lunch. So i figured i would start cooking more so we can eat out less. It feels good to sit down and have dinner together. When he gets home I have a meal hot and ready. We only eat out about once a week now. We actually plan this weekly date in advance. On the weekends I cook breakfast. Hes happy that breakfast is going to become an everyday thing now.

Im literally turning into a Domesticated Diva lol

Heres an update on my natural hair styles. I wore my hair like this today. These are front and back pictures  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi! I'm your latest follower. Nice to meet you. I like your hair, but I LOVE your earrings. :) I'm from Flashback Friday. Sounds to me our friend is due a lot sooner than a month! hehehe So hubby a sailor huh? Very cool! What no pictures? My brother (RIP) was a sailor. Great Lakes for boot camp & then shipped to San Diego and was stations on two different ships. The USS Aludra and the USS Mars. I was on one of them (I was only 14 so you can imagine a 14 yr. old on a ship full of sailors woo hoo). LOL My brother was in the Viet Nam War. He passed at 44 due to a massive heart attack, but he was forwarned a year before that to stop the junk food and smoking & exercise. He didn't. I miss my big brother, but I do have a wonderful step-brother now. So girl, if you like music stop by me (& follow hopefully), Monday for Monday's Music Moves Me (normally because it's Halloween it's haunts me. LOL We share music videos in accordance to our theme. Every other week is a freebie & you can put anything you want. Theme is found in my sidebar. Have a great weekend my new friend. Hugzzzz Dolly

    1. Thank you. These are my favorite small earrings. Lol. Im now following you back.