Tray Activities for toddlers

30 January 2013

I'm always on Pinterest Pinning things. A lot of the projects I never get around to even trying out. I've been seeing a lot of learning activities for children lately. I decided to check them out.

One of my close friends has two toddlers. When ever I come across good information for parents of toddlers, I'm always sure to send it her way. I came across the blog Teaching 2 and 3 year olds. It has some great information. There's so many different activities that are easy to do and fun for you kids. They are all learning activities that you can do at home.

If your a parent of small children, then this is a great blog with tons of learning techniques to help your little ones out. Even working parents are able to do some of these projects without taking up a ton of time or commitment.

For example instead of letting your little a toy to play with, maybe you can put one of their learning games on the high hair after they finish eating so they can have something to play with, all while learning at the same time

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  1. visit from Thursday blog hop.
    Please feel free to drop by.
    Have a great day.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Im heading over there now!

  2. Where were all these resources when my kids were small?

    1. I come across so many good resources. There's a ton of stuff online.