Updating My Blog

04 January 2013

My blog is growing and now im ready to update it. I want a nice custom layout. The problem is, how will I get this done? I dont know who to contact about this. I figured the best way to get more information was to create a blog post about it! lol

So, This is to all my followers: WHO SHOULD I CONTACT TO HELP ME RE-DESIGN MY BLOG?

I;m looking for someone that's willing to work with me. I do not have too many ideas in mind so I'm going to need a ton of help. I saw a few ads for people that create custom blogs but they are not really willing to work with you. They offer you a few ideas and you choose from those. Im going to need more then just a few. lol I need options!

If you design blogs, please send me a email by clicking on my CONTACT ME button at the top of the page.


  1. Shannon Page. She just did my entire blog for $50 & it took her 3 days. She is incredible. You can find her design page at the bottom of my blog.

    Hope this helps & you'll follow me back!


  2. My sister found a layout on Etsy and bought it, with the the girl put e dry thing in for her. I think it was like $30 for all. Maybe that's an idea for you?

    1. I have been searching etsy today. I think im going to need a custom layout.

  3. I'd also recommend Jessica at Wrangling Chaos. She did my design and became a bloggy buddy. Her prices are fair and her dedication to her work is beyond measure. Seriously, she is the type to immediately respond, explain answers to any questions and offers 2 or 3 revisions after installation. Her buttons at bottom of my blog. Good Luck with the hunt, take your time deciding :)

    1. Thanks Kristine. I'm going to check her page out!

  4. Hey! my blogging partner Alex Green recommended that I message you :) I am starting a blog design service but I am looking for ways to grow my portfolio! I would love to help you for free, and of course I would work with you, its your blog! Blog design is so personal.

    To see two sites I have done, check out
    www.lifehappilyeverafter.com and
    www.operationskinnyjeans.com (I did all but the social media buttons on both :)

    Let me know what you think!