Assurance Wireless

05 March 2013

Assurance Wireless is a federally funded program through Virgin Mobile and Lifeline. It's offered in most states.

It's a free cell phone with monthly service to qualifying low income households.

You will receive 250 minutes and 250 text messages allowance each month. Anything over that you would have to pay for.

This is a no charge service. You have to qualify in order to participate. If you meet the income limits then you will qualify.

There are no overage charges. So once your minutes and text messages are used up you would have to prepay for more. This is a great service for those that do no use cell phones often and just need a phone for emergencies.

You should check out Assurance Wireless if you are in need of a cell phone. If you are not in need and know someone else who is in need of a phone and meets the qualifications then pass the information on to them.

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  1. so nice that they have these services for those that need it :) keep these post about things like these coming!

    1. Yes, Im glad that the government is giving back to the community. Some people have no phone and no way to communicate and take care of business, for example, a person that might be homeless or in the transitioning process but is looking for a job, where would they receive their call backs without a phone?

  2. Thanks for this info. I think my in-laws may qualify. bless you, Gail

  3. Happy WW.