06 April 2013

I've been enjoying my time in Southern California. I feel somewhat like a Hollywood Star because I get to travel so much! We decided to take a two hour drive up to the Los Angeles area on Thursday night, since my husband had Friday off.

We had a jam packed day on Friday. We were all over L.A. Took a nice ride down Pacific Highway in Malibu and laid out on the beach for a few hours. Later that day we decided to go to Hollywood.

We walked down Hollywood Boulevard. It's almost like walking down the Las Vegas strip. There's so much to see and do. I love going to the Wax Museum because there's always something new in there. We didn't get a chance to go this time but we did go to the Ripley's Believe It or Not.

I saw some cool things in there! I also ran into Tyrone Burton, the guy from the old show Parent Hood.

I love our little mini vacations that we take together. Time with my husband is always nice, especially since he works so much.

My Birthday is Tuesday but my Husband has duty so I will go to dinner with my family. I bought myself a Micheal Kors purse a few days ago. That's a gift to myself from myself. lol. I wonder what my husband will get me! I plan to go horseback riding with my sister and my cousin next Sunday, that's also a birthday gift!

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  1. Hollywood is such a fun place!!! :) I love it. :)

  2. You should have told me that you guys were going to Los Angeles. I would have given you my personal invitation to the private screening of the movie 42.

    1. I didnt know you had a private screening. We ended up seeing one on base on sunday.

  3. It sounds like a very active and fun day. I am glad you had a good time.

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  5. happy early b-day! you are a star! you ran into a star! how lucky of you! sounds like it was loads of fun!

  6. Nice bag! Happy Birthday to you!