Our Apt In San Diego

01 April 2013

This is a picture of San Diego that my Husband took while on his ship yesterday! He's stationed at Coronado so this is a picture of Downtown San Diego, which is right across the water from Coronado.

We moved into our apartment last Monday. It's very small, super small! lol. It's a furnished one bedroom apartment in Chula Vista. It's not too bad. It's temporary because we will only be here for about two months.

I am glad that we have our own apartment again. Living with family was no fun at all. The first few days were nice because I hadn't seen them since September 2012. Two weeks of living with family was just way to long for me. I was starting to miss my apartment in Washington. That's not a good thing because I couldn't wait to leave Washington. lol

The Apartment looks old and out dated, but it's only for two months so I'm not complaining. I am glad that I'm in San Diego for a few months. I'm really going to miss my city, when we have to leave in May. I will try to post a picture later.

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  1. San Diego is a LOT of fun! Enjoy it while you are here. Coronado is a great place to check out too. Glad to hear you are partially settled. <3, Amy

  2. We were in San Diego last week on vacation. We stayed at the Navy Lodge on Coronado and had a blast! I definitely wouldn't mind the hubster getting stationed there!

  3. enjoy the new place :) at least you are near the beach!

  4. Enjoy the new place, I love San Diego!

  5. My husband just got us an apartment in San Diego too. But hopefully we will be able to get base housing soon so we won't be in it long either. San Diego is so beautiful and I can't wait to start my life there in May. Have fun while you can!!! =]

  6. Great view of the city! Enjoy it while you can.