Pechanga Casino

27 April 2013

My husband was lucky enough to have four days off of work this week. We made sure to stay busy each day he was off. Late last night we decided to make the hour drive to Pechanga Casino for our date night. My husband loves going to the casinos. I'm not really a fan of it.

Let me start off by saying I put $100 in the machine and was making $2 bets and my money was gone in a few minutes. After that I figured I would just entertain myself by drinking soda and playing games on my phone. lol. I guess you can say I got bored after losing my money.

Well, they say lightening never strikes twice. This statement does not apply to the Mills Family. Last week my husband won almost $800 at a casino. This time he won almost $1000!!!

As much as I don't like the casinos, I love when my husband wins US some money. You see the key word is US. When it comes to his earnings and winnings, it's "team work". haha

This week I'm looking forward to us enjoying the winnings and having some more fun. I think we will take another gamble next weekend.

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  1. you guys made out pretty good!!!

  2. Talk about lucky strike! Love the concept behind your blog! Looking at all the casino images makes me want to take a trip to vegas! Be sue to check out my blog maybe we can follow each other:)

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  3. So glad you had a good payout.

  4. Woo hoo! That's awesome! :)

  5. wow! that is nice. i am glad one of you gets lucky quite often. cute pic and the drink soda and play games of my phone comment made me laugh. how is the new phone?