Transformation Tuesday

30 April 2013

I finally got my hair done. I have been letting my natural hair breath for about a week. I've now gotten a weave sew in my hair. Since it's been so hot lately it's easier for me to take care of a weave.

My natural hair is not hard to manage. It's actually fairly easy to manage. The only problem is when it's hot, humid, windy or rainy it will mess up fast. If I flat iron my hair it might last a day or two. The weave hair will last about two weeks before I have to get it done again.

This is a protective hair style. All of my hair is braided under neath the weave. This will give my hair a break from possibly being damaged by not combing, brushing or applying heat.

Hope you like my Transformation!


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  1. Really pretty! I understand wanting "easy" - I'm growing mine long enough for a ponytail... I miss pulling it up, THAT is easy for me! All this puff and fluff and hairspray is getting old.
    I LOVE your new Do!

  2. Love the new do. My hair never behaves, guess that is just what curly hair does.

  3. I love it!! You look gorgeous.

  4. Cute! I love it!

    Lillies & Silk