First Day of Leave

02 May 2013

My Husbands leave was approved. Today was the start of our 40 days of leave together. I'm so excited that I get him for a whole 40 days!!

We didn't have anything planned because I had a dentist appointment today to get my bridge started. That appointment ended up taking about three hours. I took a picture of me in the waiting room. They didn't see me until thirty minutes after my appointment was scheduled for.

My Husband was home all day organizing his stuff. He brought home ALL of his stuff from the ship. I don't know where he was storing all that stuff at on the ship. This picture don't even show all of what he came home with, just some! lol

I have some San Diego Zoo tickets and some Harbor Excursion Tour tickets. I bought them from the MWR office on base because they offer discounted prices. So now we have unofficial plans for tomorrow. I say unofficial because we haven't officially made plans. We just know that we have some options.

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  1. Um, yeah I thought they had severely limited storage space per sailor on the vessels. Men are such pack rats. I'm dreading our move because J saves everything!

    OOH, the zoo! Take lots of picture.

    Rather crappy you had to wait 30 mins at the dentist before being seen.

  2. Yay enjoy your time together!! :)