22 Weeks

26 September 2013

We're having a BOY!!

We found out Thursday, September 19th. As most of you know, I really thought it was going to be a girl. The baby had the legs closed at the first ultrasound. Which made me think it was a girl.

I also took a ton of online gender predictors that told me it was a girl. Last but not least, based on the baby's heart rate I figured it was a girl because it was on the higher side and it gets higher at each doctor appointment. Needless to say, Non of those prediction test or old wives tales were correct.

As soon as we left our ultrasound appointment, we went to Walmart so I could make the gender reveal cards. It only took a few minutes for me to scan my ultrasound picture and create a simple card. The cards were 44 cents each and they were ready in an hour. It took about an hour for us to shop anyway so it worked out perfect.

I sent my friends and family a gender reveal card last Friday so now every one knows what we are having. They are just as excited as we are!

Week 22 went by so fast. I craved Chocolate and fruit this week. My swelling went away but I've been having a lot of back pain. It's not to bad but of course I would love for it to go away. My baby boy moves around a lot after midnight. I guess he's already making his own schedule. lol.

21 Weeks

16 September 2013

My legs have not been hurting me anymore. I have noticed that my feet keep swelling every time I leave the house. When I'm home I'm normally in bed with my legs propped up so blood can circulate in them.

Whenever I leave the house my feet swell up really big. It doesn't even matter what type of shoes I have on, they still swell. I'm assuming as long as I'm walking on my feet they will swell. This is an ugly phase to go through. It almost makes me not want to leave the house at all. Once my feet swell, walking starts to feel uncomfortable.

I'm not sure why they are swelling because I haven't been drinking any soda or consuming much salt this week. Maybe it's just extra fluids inside of me. I have a doctors appointment this week so hopefully we can figure out what's going on with me.

As you all know, I had a breast reduction January 11. 2013. My breast have not increased in size since I've been pregnant. I have noticed that they have started leaking this past week. Not like a facet but just a little bit of leakage. It doesn't leak past the areola. It leaks right out of the nipple and then dries up on the nipple/areola area.

20 Weeks

11 September 2013

This week went by pretty fast. I'm officially half way thru my pregnancy. My leg cramps have went away. My indigestion is worst. It's starting to feel like something is stuck in my chest area and needs to come up. It's a horrible feeling. I haven't felt any heart burn yet. I have heard that feels bad also. At this point I don't think nothing is worst then my indigestion.

I have been consuming more food lately. I crave anything I see on TV. Of course I cant have any and everything I see so I've just been eating the food in the house. I think this is what's making my indigestion worst. Since I'm eating more food. Before I didn't have an appetite and I wouldn't eat much.

My sleep schedule is horrible. I'm up all night till around 1am or later. Then when it's time to fall asleep I can't even get comfortable. Once I lay down I have to get up and pee. It hurts to get out of the bed and in the bed.

Time is flying pretty fast. I have another 19 weeks to go. When I say it, it actually seems like a long time. lol

Happy Birthday Hubby!

My Husband is 30 years old today. I have to give him a shout out on my blog. I love him dearly and I'm so proud of the hard worker that he is. I wouldn't trade this man for all the riches in the world!

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

It's Monday Already?

09 September 2013

This weekend went by so fast. I literally stayed home all weekend with my Husband. I wanted to get out and do stuff but it never really goes as planned lately.

Whenever we try to have a nice outing, my feet, back, stomach or anything that can hurt, will start to hurt. lol. It's also still really hot out here so that heat really knows how to drain the life out of me.

There's so much stuff that I want to do but I can't do it anymore. I've also been feeling super emotional lately. I'm usually overly dramatic on a daily basis but this emotional stuff might be a little too much for me to handle. All I want to do is cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. I think I'm holding my husband hostage. He has duty every 6 days and when he's not home I'm sad and wishing he was here with me.

It's weird that I'm acting like this. I'm use to him working a lot and not really being home so I never thought there would come a time when I felt so attached. It has to be this pregnancy!

On the other hand, I haven't really been communicating with my family and friends lately. I've been keeping my distance with them. I normally talk on the phone, text or Facebook them on a regular basis. I need to hurry up and get my energy back. My life as I know it, has changed. Literally every week there is something different with me.

I've been experiencing a lot of different pains these last few days. I'm assuming they are growing pains because they are not constant. It literally feels as if my stomach is stretching. It's not a big deal for me to call the doctor so I'm going to just make sure to bring this up at my appointment. My cravings have changed to. I've been wanting to eat everything that I see on TV. lol. Any food or restaurant commercial I see, I go crazy and want that food ASAP!

My Husband has Duty tomorrow and he's also turning 30 tomorrow. Lets see how sad I act tomorrow since I wont get to see him till he's off work on Wednesday, because I will be sleep when he leaves for work in the morning. I'm probably going to be sad, as if it's my own Birthday. lol. These freaking pregnancy hormones!

I guess that's all that I need to say. This post was more of a vent, then an update. Since it's only Monday, I'm hoping that things will get better for me as the week goes on.

Co-Hosting A Lovely Blog Hop!

05 September 2013

Welcome to A Lovely Blog Hopwhere each Thursday we have the grand opportunity to meet and connect with lovely new bloggers, such as myself! Now you have something to do and somewhere to go on Thursdays!
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Not So Wordless Wednesday

04 September 2013

I hope everybody enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend. We did! We spent the weekend in Birmingham, AL with my Husbands family. They had a family reunion. This was actually my first time meeting his family and it went great!

On Monday we went to a Catfish Festival in Kingsland, GA. It was small but nice. It was hot outside so there was a ton of bugs and you know i'm scared of everything flying and crawling. lol.

Here's a few pictures from the reunion!

Also, Thanks to VoiceBoks I've made the list for the Top 50 Military Mom Blogs of 2013. Every vote counts so please go and vote for my blog.

19 Weeks

03 September 2013

I went to the hair salon to get my hair braided/twisted. It's in Kinky Twist. This process took 6.5 hours. I had to sit in a chair the whole time plus take a few bathroom breaks in between. I've been in bed and at home for the most of my pregnancy. This 6.5 hours was hell to me! lol Most activity I've had in months. I also had to drive to Jacksonville, FL to get my hair done, which was about 40 miles from my house.

A few days later we drove to Birmingham, Alabama to spend Labor Day Weekend with my Husbands family. This was about an 8 hour drive. I guess you can say I was out of the bed and out of the house for most of the week.

My feet were swollen for a few days. They were really big but they didn't hurt. They looked as if they should hurt. I'm not sure if it's from sitting in the chair while getting my hair done with sneakers on. I know that my feet were huge afterwards.

I've also had some bad back and neck pain. For example if I'm sitting upright, such as sitting at the table eating, my back will start hurting and I will need to lay down.

I'm not lacking energy this week. I've just been feeling a lot of discomfort. Week 19 is almost over and I'm hoping that I can get over this painful phase because it's very uncomfortable.