20 Weeks

11 September 2013

This week went by pretty fast. I'm officially half way thru my pregnancy. My leg cramps have went away. My indigestion is worst. It's starting to feel like something is stuck in my chest area and needs to come up. It's a horrible feeling. I haven't felt any heart burn yet. I have heard that feels bad also. At this point I don't think nothing is worst then my indigestion.

I have been consuming more food lately. I crave anything I see on TV. Of course I cant have any and everything I see so I've just been eating the food in the house. I think this is what's making my indigestion worst. Since I'm eating more food. Before I didn't have an appetite and I wouldn't eat much.

My sleep schedule is horrible. I'm up all night till around 1am or later. Then when it's time to fall asleep I can't even get comfortable. Once I lay down I have to get up and pee. It hurts to get out of the bed and in the bed.

Time is flying pretty fast. I have another 19 weeks to go. When I say it, it actually seems like a long time. lol


  1. Wow halfway through already?! That's amazing.

  2. Time is flying by! Hoping the digestive issues quiet down a bit but I doubt they will as the baby continues to push all your organs around.

  3. wow! that did go fast! where are our tummy pics?? :) hang in there, you know it is all going to be worth it!

  4. aww! look how cute you are and thanks for the pic! and the toilet seat down too :)