30 Weeks

25 November 2013



I'm getting closer and closer to my due date. There's about two more months left until my Son arrives.

Week 30 has been a long week for me. I have been feeling pain which makes me very uncomfortable.
My pelvic area has been hurting. I feel like I've been on a horse or something. It hurts to walk at times. It's never a pain that last for hours. It comes and hurts for maybe an hour then goes away and comes back later.

The doctor told me that it's just pressure from the babies head being down there. As time progress it will probably get worst and not better. I'm not looking forward to that at all.

Every time I eat I get a burning feeling in my throat. It hurts plus it feels so nasty. I know that the baby is taking up all the room in my belly which is forcing my stomach and stuff to be higher up. It's like the food is just sitting in my throat for hours.

I still have some swelling of my hands and feet. Besides that issues that I've stated, I'm still moving alone!

Breast Reduction

20 November 2013

As most of you know, I had a breast reduction January 11, 2013. It was needed because my breast were large and they were causing me to have back, neck and shoulder pain. My recovery process went smooth and I've healed up well.

I received some useful information from Dr. Elizabeth Harris & The Center for Cosmetic Surgery. If you are thinking about having surgery but have not done any research then here's some great information for you!

Less Is More: The Benefits of Breast Reduction


Most people are familiar with the concept and motivations behind breast augmentation surgery. However, another fairly common request made in plastic surgery of which many people are not aware.  Successful breast reduction surgery demonstrates that sometimes less really is more.


While many women want to augment the size of their breasts to create a more pleasing contour, others have found that their breasts are too large or have acquired an unpleasing shape. A special procedure in cosmetic surgery allows surgeons to remove varying amounts of breast tissue. The results leave women with breasts that are still generously proportioned but attractive as well.


Women's breasts sometimes cause pain due to natural development or age. Other times, childbirth and breastfeeding can lead to breasts that hang pendulously and discomfort women with their burdens. Fortunately, this issue can be solved through breast reduction.


How Do Breast Reductions Work?


The standard and most popular form of incision used to perform breast reduction is known as the lollipop. This creates less scarring than any other approach.  Surgeons cut around the border of the nipple and also make an incision straight down from the nipple to the inframammary crease. Excess breast tissue is removed through this incision.


Sometimes, women with very large breasts must undergo an anchor incision. This includes the lollipop with an added horizontal incision that runs along the inframammary crease. With either approach, breastfeeding may be difficult in the future due to the damage to tissue surrounding the nipple.


Benefits of Breast Reduction


·         Appearance

Breast reductions do not simply remove breast tissue. The removal allows the breasts to regain a certain contour that lifts the nipples higher. The results are breasts which look much more attractive.


·         Comfort

Very large breasts are burdensome. Their weight can cause significant back pain, which breast reduction can help alleviate.


·         Freedom

After breast reductions, many women report happiness at being able to do many things without their oversized breasts getting in the way.


For more information about breast reduction, contact a cosmetic surgeon's office. You can learn about all the options and further benefits of this useful procedure.

Click HERE to be directed to The Center for Cosmetic Surgery

29 Weeks

18 November 2013

I had my final 4 week prenatal appointment this week. I will now start going for my prenatal visits every 2 weeks. When I reach 36 weeks I will start going for weekly visits. My prenatal appointments are pretty fast. I meet with a midwife and she checks the babys heart beat and measures my belly.
Just being able to hear the babys heart beat is always a wonderful experience for my husband and myself.

You can see the baby moving by looking at my stomach. My husband can now feel him by touching my stomach also. This started last week. It's like the baby moves all day now. He still gets really active around midnight.

I haven't had any cravings this week. I've actually slowed down my eating because I haven't had much of an appetite these past few weeks. I have to make myself eat my meals and my healthy snacks so that me and the baby can get our nutrients.

I've done more to the baby's nursery this week then I've done the whole pregnancy. I think I'm starting my nesting phase early. I also prewashed about a weeks worth of his newborn and 0-3 Month clothes. Some of his clothes look so tiny. It's been a while since I've been around a newborn baby so I'm not sure how small or how big to expect a newborn to weight but the newborn clothes look super tiny.

Sunday Social

17 November 2013

Sunday Social

1. Name 4 jobs you've had in your life.
Customer Service Agent, Revenue Intern, Accounting Clerk, Accounts Payable Supervisor

2. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over.
Pursuit of Happiness, Where the Heart Is, Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop

3. Name 4 places you have lived
San Diego, CA San Bernardino, CA Las Vegas, NV and Atlanta, GA

4. Name 4 of your favorite foods.
Mac and Cheese, Enchiladas, Grapes and Tacos

5. Name 4 things you always carry with you.
Lip Gloss, Lotion, Cell Phone, Wallet

6. Name 4 places you have been to on Vacation

New York City, Washington, DC and Denver, CO

28 Weeks

11 November 2013

This week has been very uncomfortable for me. I've been having acid reflex and I haven't had much of an appetite. I've also been feeling really tired and sluggish. I had an upset stomach a few times this week. The prior weeks were better then this week.

I guess since i'm getting further along in my pregnancy things are starting to change up more. I thought the further along I get the easier it will get. I was very wrong about that.

I can't complain about anything. It's all normal pregnancy symptoms. I just wish I didn't have to have any pregnancy symptoms, but that would be a perfect world and of course that can't happen.

I have started working on the baby's nursery. I was tired of seeing it look like a storage room. Since I do not have much energy this will be a long project for me. I will post a picture next week of my progress of the Nursery.

I'm still open for baby name suggestions. This week my current list of names are Brayen and Jayson. Every week I come up with new names that I love. lol

New Blog Name

09 November 2013

As you can see, I've changed my Blog's name to Piece of Happiness. I feel so happy with how things are going and what the future has in store for me. I just figured this new name sums all of that up for me.

It was also time for a new design. So I hope you enjoy the updates to my blog. I seem to only blog about my pregnancy for now. I haven't been in a big blogging mood so my normal blogging will probably start back after the baby gets here.

I have a .BlogSpot address for the blog. Can someone explain how to purchase a domain name from blogger/google? That would really help me out right now.

Baby Names

07 November 2013

I've downloaded a few apps on my phone for baby name help. One of them is babynames.com. This app has some names by ranking. Most of the names on the top 100 list are cute, but they are so popular that, if I name my son of one them, he will probably meet a few 100 other kids his age with the same name. That's just not cool at all.

It is so hard for me to pick a name for my son. If it's up to me he would have at least ten names. lol. I can't find one name to stick with. I know I have a few more months to make my mind up but it's so hard!

So far I like the names, Kingston, Cash, Joshua, Nicholas, Declan and Cayden. There's a few different ways that Caiden could be spelled. That's one reason why I like that name. Even though I these are a few of the names that I like, I still can't come up with a middle name for these names either. Without a middle name to go with the first name, really makes it hard to sample the name out.

My Husband hasn't came up with any names yet. He wants the baby to be born and we look at him and name him. I don't think I can wait that long. I really want him to have a name ASAP. One thing that we do agree on is that, we do not want him to be a Junior at all. That's not something that we are interested in. Our son needs his own identity.

Any baby names you would like to recommend? I'm looking for something simple, but cute.

27 Weeks

03 November 2013

The weeks are seeming to really by me by. I'm getting closer and closer to the end of this pregnancy. My son still has no name. I posted a question on my personal Facebook page so that I could get some ideas on what to name him. I received some great ideas so now I just need to make my mind up on a name.

I have had really bad headaches this week. The doctor said that I can only take Tylenol so that hasn't been helping me much at all. Can anybody suggest some all natural remedies that I might be able to try that would help with the headaches?

I can feel the baby all day everyday. He has really started moving a lot. It feels very uncomfortable. It feels like he's growing and there's no room in there for him. I've also been feeling aches in funny places. Such as my legs, arms, fingers, back and butt. My hands and feet keep swelling.

This final trimester is starting off kind of hard for me.  I'm sure other women have been through worst but my headaches and the baby's movement is enough for me! I'm hoping that It will not get any worst for me.

This weeks pictures shows how bloated my face looks. My hair looks a crazy mess.