18 Weeks

31 May 2014

Cayden has become more active this week. He stays woke longer. Still takes a ton of naps but he doesn't nap for long periods of time anymore. He was drinking 4oz per feeding. He's not on a schedule so I feed him when ever he's hungry. This week he has started drinking less milk. About 2-3 ounces per feeding.  I also give him baby cereal once a day. Since he's drinking less milk I'm going to start giving him cereal twice a day.

I think he's drinking less because he wants some food now. He stares at us when we eat so we now put a little of whatever we are having on our finger and let him taste it. Not everything, just some stuff like if we have something that has juice or sauce in it, we will put some of that on our finger. When we eat watermelon we let him lick/suck on a big piece so that it doesn't break off in his mouth, and only for a few seconds. It's like he's sampling foods. He's still very gasy but the gas has not been upsetting his stomach since I changed his formula to Gerber Soothe.

I noticed that he starts to rub and touch his eyes when he's tired. This is something new. He also likes to touch and tap things with his hands. He doesn't really try to grab stuff yet. If you hand him something then he will grab it from you but I haven't seen him reaching for things yet.

17 Weeks

21 May 2014

Cayden has officially grown out of most of his size 0-3 Month clothes. There's still some that he can fit. I've been taking pictures of his stuff and selling it on Ebay in Lots.

I had to change his Formula from Gerber Soy to Gerber Soothe because he has been having excessive gas lately. I'm hoping this change will help him. The gas has been having him wake up crying and fussing. The Doctor said it could take up to two weeks for the Soy Formula to flush out of his system. Which means it will take about two weeks for me to notice a change in him.

We purchased a Door Way Jumper for Cayden and he loves it. He doesn't really jump yet but he bounces a lot. The music really gets him excited. I'm not sure why he doesn't jump yet because as soon as you stand him up on your lap he will start to jump. lol. Maybe he's trying to figure out how to properly use his new toy.

16 Weeks

10 May 2014

Cayden is 4 months old now. I can't believe it's been 4 months since I had my baby boy. He has brought so much joy to our lives. This house would not be the same without him.

He received his shots at his well baby doctor appointment. Of course my big guy took them like a champ and only cried for less then a minute and was back to normal right away. During the night he was a little fussy and wanted to be cuddled.

The following day those shots really took a toll on him. He little thighs were sore from the shots and his temp was elevated but he did not have a fever. I gave him some baby Tylenol and he was fine after that.

He wakes up with a smile on his face. Such a happy baby. He does the baby babble all day. Really loud. You would think that he's having a full blown conversation. Especially if I'm on the phone with my family then he really decides to "talk" loud. I think he knows his family wants to speak with him. lol

15 Weeks

08 May 2014

Cayden is becoming more playful each day. We are really starting to see his personality. He's really laid back and happy. Calm until he's ready to play then he becomes really excited. For example, he can sit and suck on his hands, because he's teething, then once you look at him he will start laughing. You can actually hear him giggle and it's so adorable!

He plays with his toys and tries to put everything in his mouth. We actually have to hold his teething toys in his mouth for him because he doesn't have control over those hands of his. He tries his hardest to hold his pacifier in his mouth with his hand also. I caught him attempting to pick his bottle up and try to put it in his mouth.