Christmas 2015

25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas and spending time with their loved ones, whether it be family or friends.

It's a nice day in Kings Bay, GA. We are opening gifts and heading to Fernandina Beach, FL. I know some places are cold and some people love a white Christmas. I'm from San Diego and I enjoy warm winters. So i'm excited to spend the day on the beach with my husband and son.

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First School Pictures

23 October 2015

In about 3 more months Cayden will be 2 years old. I'm already done counting months. Now when someone ask how old he is I say " he will be 2 in January" lol.

Cayden has been in school since August. He has learned so much since he's been there. Some good and some bad. More good then bad! He says more words, knows some colors, tries to say all the abcs and he has also picked up a sickness every other week! smh. I never knew kids had this many germs. Those cooties make their way into our house at least twice a month. It's never just a common cold, it's something to requires antibiotics or some other type of prescription medicine. Hopefully we become immune to everything before the year ends.

We really think he needs to be in school and around other children because he's an only child. He needs the social skills. Going to school provides kids with more then just an education. It's a safety net that catches medical, social and developmental issues also.

It took about two weeks to receive the proofs. I've submitted the payment for the pose that I wanted. I was only able to pick from two. I was hoping to have more selections but my boy took some good pics. The quality of the pics weren't so good. I'm hoping for better ones in the spring but they will have the same photographer so I'm sure they will be the same.

The school sent home a flyer to order books twice, a cookie dough fundraiser and now some school pictures. All of this in about a two and a half month time frame. School is expensive!

18 Months

05 August 2015

Cayden turned 18 months on July 10th.

He's running all over the place. He's very active and loves getting into everything. He likes to climb on stuff and loves being outside. As soon as the door opens he tries to jet right out the door. His favorite thing to do outside is grab sticks and play with them. He also loves to play in dirt and sand. He's not afraid of bugs at all. He's our little country boy.

Behind our house is the woods. So there's always sticks and dirt near us. The only problem is it's about 90 plus degrees in Southeast Georgia.

Cayden spends his days going to early Preschool. He started on August 3rd. It's a full time program and he loves it! It's not a daycare. It's a private school that has a full curriculum. This helps him learn and he gets to gain social skills while playing with the other kids his age.

He's still not fully talking yet but he knows how to get his point across. He can say Mama, Dada, Tete(auntie), NaNa(Grandma). If he's thirsty he will grab his cup, if it's empty he will bring it to us to give him something to drink. He also knows how to point at things that he wants.

His favorite foods are mac and cheese, string cheese, pudding, yogurt, bologna and all fruits and vegetables. He our little fruit fly. The boy loves him some fruit. There's not much that he doesn't like. He just enjoys somethings more then others.

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I post pictures of Cayden on a regular basis on my Instagram and videos weekly of him on my Youtube channel. I haven't had much time to blog over the last few months. So find me on Instagram and Youtube for now!!!

14 Months

21 March 2015

Cayden officially started walking right before he turned 14 months. It happened within a few days. First he started taking steps then he just started walking.

He gets into everything now. He's able to reach up and grab things off of the counters so we have to make sure there's never anything near the edges where he can reach it. He says MAMA all day now. It took 13 months for this to happen! I've uploaded a few new videos of him on our YouTube Channel.

First Steps

04 March 2015

Cayden finally decided to take his first steps on March 2nd, 2015!!! I was so excited. He will be 14 months on the 10th.

He loves to feed himself and will eat almost anything. His favorites consist of anything sweet. He gets his sweet tooth from me. Hes very active and gets into everything.

Cayden is still a little guy compared to other boys his age. He wears size 12 months in pants but they are a little too big on him. His shorts are size 9 months and they are too big also.

He has 8 teeth,4 at the top and 4 at the bottom. At his 12 month check up we noticed that he has a upper lip tie. We are planning to get it clipped in the next few months. It only takes about 5 mins for them to do it but they have to put him to sleep and thats the part that im not comfortable with.

Happy 1st Birthday

18 January 2015


My baby boy is now 1. He's very energetic. Loves to play and laugh. He stays on the move and crawls super fast. He's still not walking yet. He loves to try and feed himself. If he see or hear us eating anything, he will come crawling fast towards us so he can have some. He can't really say if he has any favorite foods because he enjoys everything. When he's full or he's done eating he will turn his head so you can't give him anymore or he will let you give it to him then he will spit it out. lol.

The theme for his Birthday Party was Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat. We had a party with about 20 guest. Cayden recieved some great gifts and everybody had fun except the birthday boy. He was tired and fussy. He stayed up late the previous night because my sister came in town to visit us and of couse he wanted to stay up and play with his favorite Auntie.

I hope you enjoy our pictures. Please be sure to check out our home videos on my YouTube!

Flying With A Baby

17 January 2015

We went on our first official family vacation in July 2014. We went to New York for 6 days 5 nights. We also have traveled home to see my family twice.

The baby did great in the airport. As soon as we got on the plane it was different. He was confined to sitting on our laps in a small space. It took him a few minutes to relax and then he was sleep! Slept almost the whole plane ride every time.

We made sure to give him his bottle, cup or a pacifier when the place takes off and lands. This helps with his ears. Babies need to suck on something so that their ears do not start to bother them. I didnt know this when I took our first solo flight in April and as soon as we landed the baby started screaming. Now that I know better, I wanted to share this little tip with others. I hope it helps you!