Happy 1st Birthday

18 January 2015


My baby boy is now 1. He's very energetic. Loves to play and laugh. He stays on the move and crawls super fast. He's still not walking yet. He loves to try and feed himself. If he see or hear us eating anything, he will come crawling fast towards us so he can have some. He can't really say if he has any favorite foods because he enjoys everything. When he's full or he's done eating he will turn his head so you can't give him anymore or he will let you give it to him then he will spit it out. lol.

The theme for his Birthday Party was Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat. We had a party with about 20 guest. Cayden recieved some great gifts and everybody had fun except the birthday boy. He was tired and fussy. He stayed up late the previous night because my sister came in town to visit us and of couse he wanted to stay up and play with his favorite Auntie.

I hope you enjoy our pictures. Please be sure to check out our home videos on my YouTube!

Flying With A Baby

17 January 2015

We went on our first official family vacation in July 2014. We went to New York for 6 days 5 nights. We also have traveled home to see my family twice.

The baby did great in the airport. As soon as we got on the plane it was different. He was confined to sitting on our laps in a small space. It took him a few minutes to relax and then he was sleep! Slept almost the whole plane ride every time.

We made sure to give him his bottle, cup or a pacifier when the place takes off and lands. This helps with his ears. Babies need to suck on something so that their ears do not start to bother them. I didnt know this when I took our first solo flight in April and as soon as we landed the baby started screaming. Now that I know better, I wanted to share this little tip with others. I hope it helps you!