14 Months

21 March 2015

Cayden officially started walking right before he turned 14 months. It happened within a few days. First he started taking steps then he just started walking.

He gets into everything now. He's able to reach up and grab things off of the counters so we have to make sure there's never anything near the edges where he can reach it. He says MAMA all day now. It took 13 months for this to happen! I've uploaded a few new videos of him on our YouTube Channel.

First Steps

04 March 2015

Cayden finally decided to take his first steps on March 2nd, 2015!!! I was so excited. He will be 14 months on the 10th.

He loves to feed himself and will eat almost anything. His favorites consist of anything sweet. He gets his sweet tooth from me. Hes very active and gets into everything.

Cayden is still a little guy compared to other boys his age. He wears size 12 months in pants but they are a little too big on him. His shorts are size 9 months and they are too big also.

He has 8 teeth,4 at the top and 4 at the bottom. At his 12 month check up we noticed that he has a upper lip tie. We are planning to get it clipped in the next few months. It only takes about 5 mins for them to do it but they have to put him to sleep and thats the part that im not comfortable with.