Military Power of Attorney

14 December 2016

When your spouse is active duty then you should definitely have a Power Of Attorney. This piece of paper enables you to sign and speak on your spouses behalf. I've had to sign military housing leases, civilian housing lease, speak with the bank and buy a car all while using a power of attorney.

There's a General Power Of Attorney and there are specific Power Of Attorneys. Most places like banks and housing want a specific power of attorney. Some places will not accept any power of attorney.

The Power of Attorney forms are online and can be printed. You no longer need to go inside the legal office on base if you have a Notary Public closer to you. Navy Federal Credit Union will notarize your forms for free. Some other banks will notarize your forms for free as well.

Click HERE for the Special Power of Attorney Forms.

Updated: January 10, 2019

Toddler Friendly Restaurants

09 December 2016

We have been to plenty of restaurants that do not have kids cups. You know, a small cup with a design on it that fits in a toddlers hands.

I really dislike when a restaurant only has a regular cup for kids. My son is 2 and he's capable of using a full size cup but that doesn't mean it works well for him. lol. The large cups normally spill while he's tilting it to drink from it because it's too large for him. This creates a mess before the food even makes it to the table.

So, I have created a list of places that we have been to that have toddler friendly cups. All of these restaurants have a kids menu as well. If you have been to any restaurants that are not on my list but have toddler friendly cups, then please add to my list. Each one, teach one!


Updated as of 1.10.19

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Tricare Information and Urgent Care Updates

16 September 2016

Updated 12.30.18

Every time we PCS we have to contact the current region and get our tricare switched over. For example when we moved from San Diego, CA to Kings Bay, GA. I had to switch from Tricare west region to Tricare south region.

As far as Emergency Room visits go, you can be seen at any ER and the bill will be covered. I personally prefer Urgent Care over the Emergency Room. You typically need urgent care when your illness/issue doesn't threaten your life, limb, eyesight and if the issue needs attention befor eit becomes a serious risk to your health.

Tricare now offers UNLIMITED Urgent Care visits, without having to first obtain an authorization code. You just go to urgent care and the visits will be covered. In the past you had to contact Tricare in advance to have your visit authorized or else Tricare would not pay the bill.

Click HERE link for more details 

West Region (United Healthcare)

North Region (Health Net)

South Region (Humana Military)

Home Inventory

12 June 2016

We are set to PCS at the end of June and normally I'm a planner and I make sure to get things done in advance.  I'm getting started on our first Home Inventory List. I should have done this a few weeks ago but other things have come up that needed to be taken care of first.

I'm going to start by using my receipts and then I will walk thru the house and write down any other furniture items or items that might not be easy to replace. I have a receipt book with receipts for all of our high value items. For me, high value means $50 or more. LOL. I don't do this for clothes or bedding. Just for furniture, my husbands bikes, computers, appliances and other house hold items. I keep the receipts for when we PCS, in case something is broken or missing. We will receive full replacement value of the item if I have my receipt.

We have had about 15 friends PCS since January. I have been hearing a lot of horror stories about the movers breaking and losing things lately. Sometimes they will pack a box and not label it correctly.

For example, there's a box with some clothes, some jewelry, a Blu-Ray player and some other stuff. This box could be labeled as clothes from master room dresser. So, if your Blu-Ray player is missing, there's no way for them to know that they actually shipped a Blu-Ray player because it's not on their inventory list. I

The movers inventory list is created from the items listed on the boxes. You have to make sure that your packers label things correctly or else when you file a claim it could be denied and you will be without an item or stuck with a broken or damaged item.

Make sure you create your own inventory list because it will be very useful when your Household Goods (HHG) are delivered. There's a few apps you can use in the Android Play Store. I have a notebook that I plan to write a list in.

Free Admission: SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

19 May 2016

Military service members and their dependents can get into SeaWorld and Busch Gardens for free once a year. It's for the service member and up to 3 dependents, If the dependents are over a certain age then their Military ID is required in order to use the ticket. When we went this year, My husband and I had to show our Military IDs.

You can only use this once per calendar year for one park. On January 1st your able to use it again, even if you used it on December 31st because January 1st starts the new calendar year.

Click HERE to retrieve your free tickets!

Updated 1.21.19

PCS Season

15 April 2016

That time has come again. It's time for us to relocate!

We have been in Kings Bay, GA for almost 3 years. It was never a place that I wanted to live. I'm not a fan of the bugs and the humidity. I've gotten use to this weather now but i still can't accept the mosquitoes and biting gnats.

We now have orders for Norfolk, VA. We are excited because we are moving back to a larger city. Kings Bay is a small town. We enjoy going places and doing things without having to drive 45 minutes to get there. Big cities come with traffic so maybe we will still have a longer commute. lol.

I also know that the weather is different out there. They have winter storms and where we are now it's pretty much warm year round, even when we have tropical rain storms.

Any info you would like to share about being stationed in Norfolk? Share away! I would love to hear about your experiences there.

Military Resources

03 March 2016

Military One Source 800-342-9647

Operation HomeFront 866-242-5210

American Red Cross 877-272-7337

Nurse Advice Line 800-874-2273

You should also look up your local Fleet and Family Support Center. They are able to help with a lot of questions and provide you with resources. All of the bases that we have been stationed at has Facebook pages that are updated daily with information.

The local MWR has Facebook pages as well. This is where you will find out about local events and you can purchase tickets for theme parks, concerts and other events near you.