Military Power of Attorney

14 December 2016

When your spouse is active duty then you should definitely have a Power Of Attorney. This piece of paper enables you to sign and speak on your spouses behalf. I've had to sign military housing leases, civilian housing lease, speak with the bank and buy a car all while using a power of attorney.

There's a General Power Of Attorney and there are specific Power Of Attorneys. Most places like banks and housing want a specific power of attorney. Some places will not accept any power of attorney.

The Power of Attorney forms are online and can be printed. You no longer need to go inside the legal office on base if you have a Notary Public closer to you. Navy Federal Credit Union will notarize your forms for free. Some other banks will notarize your forms for free as well.

Click HERE for the Special Power of Attorney Forms.

Updated: January 10, 2019

Toddler Friendly Restaurants

09 December 2016

We have been to plenty of restaurants that do not have kids cups. You know, a small cup with a design on it that fits in a toddlers hands.

I really dislike when a restaurant only has a regular cup for kids. My son is 2 and he's capable of using a full size cup but that doesn't mean it works well for him. lol. The large cups normally spill while he's tilting it to drink from it because it's too large for him. This creates a mess before the food even makes it to the table.

So, I have created a list of places that we have been to that have toddler friendly cups. All of these restaurants have a kids menu as well. If you have been to any restaurants that are not on my list but have toddler friendly cups, then please add to my list. Each one, teach one!


Updated as of 1.10.19

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